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8/10 Angel Beats!
Overrated and hyped to the point it that recommendations sounded like trolling. Story started strong but got was speeding without a brake and ended up as a train wreck. Graphics is done by P.A.Works, so it should be good. Yuripe was accused of Haruhi cloning, while Kanade is Nagato. Music is good. TK is God.

8/10 Arakawa Under the Bridge
A gag anime does not work with most people, nor does it really work for me, but adding a main story somewhat helps. A powerpoint presentation by SHAFT. The strength of this this anime lies in the diverse characters, its weakness being a gag anime.

7/10 Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
Harry Potter is now a demon lord who strips girls like Rance. Was kinda fresh, until they overloaded it with fanservice. Why it got above average is because there’s no show to date where I saw a DRILL BREATHING DRAGON!!! The show is basically an action harem fanservice anime, read as Shit.

(B Gata H Kei)
(House of Five Leaves)
(Yojo-han Shinwa Taikei)


10/10 Durarara!!
Was like Bacanno, but in a more modern setting. I once imagined creating a story told from many separate POV, but this got ahead of me. OP/ED was good. Animation was not bad. Art depends on taste. Celty is moe.
When I was marathoning it, I got so sucked in it, I was screaming FUCK YEAH all the way.

8/10 Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu
A childish side of the otaku community. Takes school as a game. Art and animation did not leave a memorable mark for being generic moe. The only entertainment values are just learning the system and schadenfreude. Story was episodic and retarded.

8/10 Hanamaru Youchien
I was just going to check out wtf GAINAX was trying to do here. To my surprise, they weren’t trolling. The art was light, colourful. Being a slice of life, it has no main story. You know the studio, so I don’t think I need to explain about the animation. The OP is an ear worm, the ED was not memorable. Also, KIRA KIRA KIRA KIRA.

7/10 So Ra No Wo To
The accused K-On clone. Well, pretty much same concept of slice of live of 5 girls doing girly things in the army. Eating cake in the army is considered manly. The antagonist knows what he is doing.

5/10 Ladies Vs Butler
Another harem I was recommended by /a/. Finished the series since one of the main heroine is a troll. Story was generic harem of unlucky hero. Fanservice type were boob related jokes and accidents. Generic up to the G.

(Chu Bra)
LOL, Introduction to Female Underwears.

(Dance in the Vampire Bund)
It’s made by SHAFT, guess we’ll take that as an excuse.

(Nodame Cantabile Final)

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