8/10 Angel Beats!
Overrated and hyped to the point it that recommendations sounded like trolling. Story started strong but got was speeding without a brake and ended up as a train wreck. Graphics is done by P.A.Works, so it should be good. Yuripe was accused of Haruhi cloning, while Kanade is Nagato. Music is good. TK is God.

8/10 Arakawa Under the Bridge
A gag anime does not work with most people, nor does it really work for me, but adding a main story somewhat helps. A powerpoint presentation by SHAFT. The strength of this this anime lies in the diverse characters, its weakness being a gag anime.

7/10 Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
Harry Potter is now a demon lord who strips girls like Rance. Was kinda fresh, until they overloaded it with fanservice. Why it got above average is because there’s no show to date where I saw a DRILL BREATHING DRAGON!!! The show is basically an action harem fanservice anime, read as Shit.

(B Gata H Kei)
(House of Five Leaves)
(Yojo-han Shinwa Taikei)